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About Fausto


Mamma Lucia's owner Fausto Illiano, was born in Italy, in a small town outside Naples in 1969. Even in his early childhood, Fausto had a strong work ethic. He starts to work as a very young boy with his father Gennaro, who owned a small produce company–this was his daily job. In the evenings, he worked at a local pizza shop, where he would feed fire to the oven to cook pizza.That shop is where his passior for food, and the restaurant business began. When Fausto was only 11 years old, his father passed away. That is when the restaurant becomes, for him, the one thing to rely on. The one thing he could do, to help support to his mom. So Fausto's journey begins...

He starts to work full time as a dishwasher at his uncle's restaurant, working his way up. But Fausto knew he was destined for greater things, and so he heads to America. It is December 23 of 1983, at only 13 years of age, when he arrives in the U.S.A. Right away he starts to work non stop, doing any kind of work a restaurant requires. His dedication and hard work allows him to open his very first successful restaurant in Damascus, in 1991. It is during those years Fausto meets his wife, Luisa. Soon after, his life is enriched with his two daughters Sara and Julia. In 1998 Fausto sells his restaurant to open Mamma Lucia in Parkville, and he is been running it with the help and support of his wife ever since.

Everyone who has been to Mama Lucia da Fausto knows Fausto's passion for food, and family, but lesser known is the other great passion of Fausto's life, which is being involved in the local community. When Fausto has time away from the restaurant, he regularly hosts a variety of charity events, making him well known, and loved, to the community. Most of the people dining at Mama Lucia da Fusto are regulars, and most can be heard saying "ciao Fausto!' as they come and go. In fact, to most locals, the resturant is known as simply: "Fausto's". Come and meet Fausto, who will welcome you with a great smile and a great meal. And be sure to say ciao!